I write articles!

Most fortnights I write a small puff piece for the local regional newspaper.  The paper is so small, it doesn’t even have a web presence!


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A general rant about fathers and daughters

Princess and angel are the two words I hear most when I hear men describe their daughters.    As the father of two, I can’t describe the feeling I had when the doctor in the delivery room said ‘it’s a girl’.  Because both girls were caesarean, I got to hold them first while the doctors went about stitching (stapling) my big girl back together.  They both had healthy lungs, and protested their rude arrival into this hideously sterile theatre very loudly.  The thing I remember most about holding these yelling little pink bundles was their breath.  It’s a smell that I haven’t smelled since, and I struggle to know how to describe.  It was earthy and beautiful, and it occurred to me that I was the first person to ever smell it.



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Example of the patriarchy at work?

Part of my roll as a so called ‘mental health specialist’ (wank)  is to attend a monthly get together with other professionals to discuss combined and collaborative responses to various pressing issues.  The meetings are informal but always educational, and are something that I look forward to (especially for the catering).


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Join me – Men for feminism and non-violence.

For a short time I thought that that running a blog was a process of simply translating everyday thoughts and experiences into a witty and succinct couple of paragraphs.  What I discovered was that my writing talent is limited, and as a result, most of my posts were painfully boring.  Well maybe not all of them, but my voice of nagging self doubt told me that anyway. (more…)

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