Parity – Not!

I received an email from a dickhead reader the other day in which he claimed that sexually aggressive women harass men far more frequentlythan the vise versa.  Not only that, but the loyal reader went onto tell me that this harassment was not only more prevalent, but also more emotionally disturbing.  Additionally!!  ‘predatory women’ have made the streets unsafe for men these days!!

Well, I’ve got a bit of an anecdote for you. Let’s say for example a man pulls up in his car to the local late night shopping centre.  He goes in and buys his milk, but upon returning to the car he notices a car approaching him slowly.  As the car gets closer, the occupants begin to yell out sexually explicit suggestions at him.  He then realises that the car is full of young women.  Is he worried?  He may be uncomfortable, but I doubt he’s genuinely concerned about his safety, and to be perfectly honest, most young blokes would be secretly thrilled.

Now lets contrast this experience with that of a young woman I spoke to recently.  Coincidentally she happened to turn up to the same late night grocer the following week.  Like the bloke, as she’s returning to her car she notices a ute appoaching.  The three men in the car begin to circle her in the empty car park screaming out sexually suggestive comments.  Is she scared?  Does she fear for her safety? Does she think that she’s at risk of being raped or murdered?

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  1. I think we all know who sent you the email;

  2. What Terry said. That was my first guess too.

  3. LOL

  4. We wuz rite?

  5. My hands are tied I’m afraid. 😉

  6. Spoil Sport.

  7. Where can I find these sexually aggressive women?

  8. When I find out i’ll let you know, Wah.

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