Eat your heart out ladies!


I can’t add a poll due to my idiocy a technical problem, so here are the options.

1) OMG! I didn’t think that that the embodiment of a perfect man existed until now!!

2) OMG! an almost 40 year old trying to look like a 20 something.  How cute!

3) Fuck man, are you going for a comb over or what?

4) One earring = poof.  2 earrings = fucking poof.

5) Bron luvs Albi



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  1. Number 1.

    Drummers are cool.

  2. Yay for me!!

  3. But before you get a big head over it, I also pick No. 5.

  4. Yes, No. 5.

  5. Bron, I’m so touched 🙂

  6. That’s cheating! You can’t add that AFTERWARDS!

    I pick No. 612 now.

  7. Can I phone a friend?

  8. Sorry Bron, can’t change the selection once it’s been made. And no, you can’t phone a friend, Scott. You can however phone one of my friends.

  9. You have friends?

  10. No 😦

  11. * sniggers *

    Sorry to hear that.

    * sniggers again *

    This is where Facebook is ideal — everybody’s your friend!

  12. Hey, I’m on facebook!!!

  13. (6) Christ! Stewie Spears is still alive!

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