Complicit in abuse?

When I hear members of the religious right and other moral panic merchants speak about the evil of pronography, I’m always dubious as to their motives.  Are they genuine in their concern for the degradation of women?  I really doubt it.   When a conservative says that they have the ‘utmost respect for women’ they are lying. Conservatives dislike women, and dislike feminism even more.  On one hand they bleat about the ‘evil’ of pron, yet their very ideology demands adherence to strict gender roles that cast the woman in the demeaning role of  the servant with the man as the master: a power sharing arrangement that closely resembles that of a man and his dog.  Conservative misogyny demands a post of its own, but this is about something else.


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Eat your heart out ladies!


I can’t add a poll due to my idiocy a technical problem, so here are the options.

1) OMG! I didn’t think that that the embodiment of a perfect man existed until now!!

2) OMG! an almost 40 year old trying to look like a 20 something.  How cute!

3) Fuck man, are you going for a comb over or what?

4) One earring = poof.  2 earrings = fucking poof.

5) Bron luvs Albi



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Parity – Not!

I received an email from a dickhead reader the other day in which he claimed that sexually aggressive women harass men far more frequentlythan the vise versa.  Not only that, but the loyal reader went onto tell me that this harassment was not only more prevalent, but also more emotionally disturbing.  Additionally!!  ‘predatory women’ have made the streets unsafe for men these days!!


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