Join me – Men for feminism and non-violence.

For a short time I thought that that running a blog was a process of simply translating everyday thoughts and experiences into a witty and succinct couple of paragraphs.  What I discovered was that my writing talent is limited, and as a result, most of my posts were painfully boring.  Well maybe not all of them, but my voice of nagging self doubt told me that anyway.

What I’d like to do in the absence of writing is leave you with a few interesting links that i’ll build on in due course.

As a man, I’m embarrassed that according to the ABS (2006), 1 in 20 or 440,000 women have been the victim of violence in the past year.  Additionally 1.6% or 126,100 women have experienced some form of sexual assault. 

“Since the age of 15, an estimated 3,065,800 women had experienced violence. 29% of all women (2,243,600 women) had experienced physical assault, and 17% (1,293,100) had experienced sexual assault.”

An even further embarrassment to men is that right-wing commentators attempt to play down these figures, or claim that the issue of violence against women is actually an issue for both genders.  Whist it is true that men are also the victims of violence at the hands of women, to suggest parity is foolish.  So called ‘mens rights’ groups almost universally use the Conflict Tactics Scale as a means to demonstrating their claims.  However, as shown by people like Michael Flood (2007), the scale makes no determination as to the aggressor and whether or not the women was acting in self defence.  In other words, if a man was in the face of his partner threatening her, she pushed him away, and he then punched her knocking her into unconsciousness and breaking her nose, the CTS would determine that each partner had been the victim of violence.  Additionally the CTS omits sexual violence, stalking, intimate homicide, who is injured  and power and control imbalance intimidation, which is considered by many to be the most devastating type of domestic and family violence.

Anti-feminists claim that men classically under report incidents of violence which distorts the true picture of gender based violence.  What this ignores is that it’s often witnesses and neighbours that call police during domestic disturbance.  As Flood (2007) also points out is that virtually every police and court record indicates that incidents of male violence against females is many times higher than the vice versa.  No other record more accurately and succinctly demonstrates this than the latest Australian Institute of Criminology study (large pdf)  into intimate homicide, which states –

During 2005–06, a total of 74 intimate partner homicides occurred, up from 66 in 2004–05. Four out of five intimate partner homicides involved a male offender killing his female partner (n=59, 80%).

An overwhelming majority of men do not use violence, however, the minority that do cheered on by their right-wing misogynistic fan club, demean all men by attempting to minimise the devestating impact male violence has on society.

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  1. I don’t know mate, but i can’t help thinking that you could do with reading some of Erin Pizzey’s excellent writing on the topic of domestic violence. For while I, like you, decry domestic violence, I suspect that you are believing far to much of the Misandry sprouted by feminists too imbued with Marxist ideology.
    And where does the recent upsurge of female violence in general sit with your contention that violence is a particularly male trait?

  2. No no no Albi.
    Don’t take off your previous posts, they were more than worthy of public display. I think you’re being a bit harsh on yourself and what few posts you had were great. I’m sure those who had read them thought so too.

    You just need to keep adding new posts and as people stumble across them, they might want to go back and read other articles you have written.

    You started what I thought was going to be one of the better blogs. Don’t stop now.

  3. Hey, that’s very kind, Terry.

    I just find it difficult to stay focussed on producing decent posts.

    I’ll put the others back on.

    Thanks for that.

    PS – although a rarely comment, your site is on my must read list.

  4. Hello Iain,

    Sincere apologies for your comment being in moderation for so long. I have little understanding of wordpress, and the email address notifying me of your comment is one I rarely use.

    In regards to your comments I have the following to say.

    I’m well familiar with Pizzy’s shtick. She had much to say about a particular group of workers in domestic violence shelters encouraging their clients to leave their male partners. Her work is interesting, but refers to a snapshot in the history of feminism that is no longer relevant. It’s also worth noting the Pizzy is a second wave feminist and would, assuming that your blog is indicative of your ideology, be very much opposed to you putting her forward as demonstrative of your anti-feminist point of view.

    In regards to your contentions about feminists spouting Marxist ideology guiding my opinions. This is bizarre. My opinions are based solely on demonstrable phenomenons, being police reports, homicide statistics and first hand reports. They are all freely available to anyone genuinely interested in opposing male violence.

  5. Thank you fro finally allowing my comment out of moderation Alby. Now I don’t know if you moderate all of you comment but I expect that I will find out when I press “submit” the best setting to have your comments on is the one that requires that commentators to have had their first comment approved but allows free commenting subsequently.

    You say that you are familiar whit Pizzey’s shtick but have you actually read her treatise on domestic violence that I link to in my first comment? It is not that long but very illuminating when it comes to the relationship dynamics that feed domestic violence.Her analysis is by no means out of date or passed its use by date.
    I suspect that you have only given my blog the most cursory read because if you had explored it in depth you would find that I am saying nothing that is incompatible notions of gender equality, justice for all. But my objection to the feminist perspective on domestic violence is that they insist that men and their nature are the entirety of the problem and their solution is to try to make men more like women. When in so many cases the problem is much more about the toxic dynamic with in some couples rather than just being about “violent” men.

    I suggest that you actually read Pizzey’s “Prone to violence” and then get back to me. It will open your eyes.

  6. Iain, violence is intergenerational which means that people are often attracted to their past. In other words, if a woman is bashed by her father, the chances are that she’ll end up dysfunctional and being attracted to abusive men. This is exactly what Pizzy meant when she said that ‘women who took refuge had a personality such that they sought abusive relationships’ This is blaming the victim – don’t you see that? Unfortunately, Pizzey had little or no understanding of the intergenerational nature of violence.

    If you’re actually interested in learning about this issue, I’d suggest that you refer to xyonline which has a link in my sidebar. Also reading about young’s schema therapy might empower you with some skills to allow you to look beyond any ideological impairments you (actually all of us) have.

    Take care,

  7. Hey Albi, agree with Terry, you can’t delete your older posts!

    And your writing is just fine. I suspect most bloggers and writers feel their writing is not up to scratch, but what the hell — only way to learn and improve.

    Oh, and interesting post too. Haven’t got anything to add, mainly cos I agree.

  8. Iain, your comment proves that you haven’t bothered to read the 10’s of thousands of books and articles that directly contradict Pizzey’s assessment.

    Sure Pizzey was on the front line, but so are thousands of others whose experience is different.

    When you talk about intergenerational violence, who do you think the perps are, Iain? The ones perpetuating that actual violence? Before the early 70’s domestic and family violence apparently didn’t exist: of course it did, however it was merely swept under the carpet, ignored entirely, or excused as being a legitimate part of male entitlement.

    Minimising male violence is wonderful appeasement to men who use power and control tactics on their families. I’ll have no part of it.

    You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, however, I’m not going to engage in further discussion.

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